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What is the Johnson & Johnson Institute?

The Johnson & Johnson Institute is a modern institute created to contribute to the continuous advance of healthcare in Latin America. It offers healthcare professionals state-of-the-art trainings in medical equipment and diagnostic procedures.

What is the mission of the Johnson & Johnson Institute?

The institute’s mission is to promote the continuous advance of healthcare in Latin America, offering healthcare professionals state-of-the-art trainings with our products and medical diagnostic equipment. In line with this mission, we are bringing in domestic and international specialists who will train healthcare professionals and focus on medicine based on science, data and evidence. It also is important to note that Johnson & Johnson companies have a strong history and commitment to training healthcare professionals how to use our products. Some examples include The Vision Care Institute, the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute and the Institute Ethicon Endo-Surgery Institute.

Why has Johnson & Johnson decided to install the Johnson & Johnson Institute in Brazil?

Brazil is a natural choice for a institute dedicated to enhance the quality of healthcare in Latin America. Because it has the largest population in the region, Brazil has a large number of healthcare professionals who can benefit from the institute’s trainings. Additionally, the country hosts some of the most important medical conferences in Latin America and healthcare professionals from other countries often travel to Brazil to attend these conferences and take part in medical training and development programs.

What types of training programs are offered by the Johnson & Johnson Institute?

Our training portfolio was developed to cater to the needs of a vast range of healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurses, technicians, hospital management teams and health plans administrators. In addition, courses encompass many of the procedures that involve our products, such as general surgery, minimally invasive, gynecological, cardiovascular, neurologic, orthopedic, diagnostic procedures and plastic surgery, among others. Courses are based on the needs of healthcare professionals in Latin America. In general, training focuses on how to use existing equipment, technologies and medical practices to improve patients’ treatment results.

Who are the institute’s infrastructure and courses are for?

The Johnson & Johnson Medical Innovation Institute is a Latin American initiative designed to offer training courses to all healthcare professionals in the region, such as physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, hospital management teams and health plans administrators. The institute offers training to most of the specialties that are serviced by Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics business units in Latin America.

Who are the instructors of the courses offered by the Johnson & Johnson Institute?

Our teaching staff includes specialists acknowledged domestically and internationally and in the topics covered by the training curricula.

Does the Institute offer continued educational credit for the courses?

Not at the moment. Our plan is to assess opportunities in partnership with educational institutions to offer continued education credits in the future.

Do you plan to offer distance courses?

We plan to develop and offer both options, both in-house courses in our institute and distance courses.